Guest Judge//Linsey Davis

Guest Judge // Linsey Davis

Come check out our latest Guest Judge! Linsey is an amazing photographer that focuses on documenting her beautiful family!


Tell us about yourself...

Hey y'all! I'm Linsey, mama to 5 kids that I homeschool in northeast Florida. I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Tex (yes, his real name is Texas & he's not even from TX) I am hobbyist photographer that mainly shoots documentary and food. 
I have serious love for coffee, books, & pancakes!! I need a trip to Disney every 3 months to keep my sanity. 
We travel in our motorhome most weekends, our life can look like a scene right out of the movie "RV" (with Robin Williams). Needless to say we spend a lot of time laughing.

What’s your dream project or shoot?

 My dream project would be to continue to capture my family as we are. To continue to grow as a photographer so that when I am gone from this earth, I leave behind honest work that will show my family the way I saw them and how much I loved them.

Is there any one thing you wish someone had told you at the very beginning of your photography journey?

 Believe in yourself & listen to that quiet voice that says, "You got this!". That voice knows you better than you know yourself. 
Shoot whatever makes your heart race.

If you could take your art in any direction without fear of failure or rejection, where would it lead, what new thing would you try? 

I really want to venture into Street photography but I have to get over the fear! I'm working on it.

Who is your favorite photographer (dead or alive) and what about their work inspires you? Drop us a link so we can check them out!

Kirsten Lewis is how I discovered documentary photography. The way she captures childhood is a huge inspiration to me. I must say that Kirsten's gift for teaching documentary photography is as great as her gift as a photographer.
Niki Boon would be next. I can stare at her images all day. The layering and the emotion in her photos just memorize me. We get to see her children as she sees them and that is priceless art to me.

What is your favorite photography accessory other than your camera?

 I am loving the Peak Design Slide camera strap.

What do you credit with your biggest growth in your photography? 

Shooting every day...well almost every day.