Feature Friday//Jenna Dallaire Photography//May 5, 2017

Today we have a very special Feature Friday! We are welcoming Jenna from Jenna Dallaire Photography and she is sharing a session that struck a cord with her and is gracious enough to share with us. 

I was asked by the Snap Maven team to share a session that was a turning point on my photography journey; this one was a game changer.

Cancer sucks. It doesn’t matter at what age it might strike a person, it’s just cruel. I was asked to photograph a family with two awesome moms, and two amazing young children.

I didn’t have much experience photographing a person with limited energy facing a harsh reality. I spent 45 minutes with their family. I simply asked the children what they love to do with their mums, and that unfolded into the session. Reading books, zooming cars, squishing play-doh, admiring preschool artwork, and snuggles, lots of snuggles. In those moments of daily play and daily life, I truly began to feel photography. I felt their family connection through gentle looks of love, silly giggles, proud mothering moments, and the frustrations of young tantrums. I began to observe instead of guide a session and it was magic.

Shooting in manual mode has opened a door to creating my own artistic voice and how I can make my voice stronger with light, composition, and moment driven images.  It can take years to find that photographic voice.  I’m okay with walking that journey, understanding it has ups, downs, lulls, failures, risks, and rewards. 

These moments are now treasured memories as we lost that sweet soul one week after the session.  I was asked if I was scared to photograph a mother so close to the end of her life.  I never saw it that way - I saw her as a mother, mothering with everything that she had.