Weekly Winners//Indoor Light//May 2, 2017




This image contains an interesting story, with the masked boy hiding behind the bag. I appreciate the silliness of sitting on the table, with the normal snack time details.
The soft side light focuses on the boy.

This sweet moment between siblings is caught in a beautiful beam of light. I love the details of this life season captured within the frame - this will be a treasured image for years to come.

As the artist paints on her easel, the light paints highlights on the artist. The tones are so rich and painterly, and it’s a beautiful capture.

I can feel the warmth and vibe of this cozy moment. Love, togetherness and some amazing sunshine streaming through the weekend windows.

This speckly leafy light is so unique and beautiful! I love the hidden aspect of the subject in this image.

Before I started to really think about indoor light, I never knew how intentional and artistic indoor light could be. I love the quiet moment and that the rest of the world seems to fall away. 

Ah, this moment… one that every parent of small ones is familiar with. Love all the context and detail present, but it doesn’t compete with the subject.

This made me giggle… he must be up to a silly prank, but the light and shadows are so classic to me. Beautiful lightfall.

 Kate Griffith Photography

Kate Griffith Photography

While most of the images that spoke to me had a subject, I couldn’t shake the introspective nature of this empty and light-filled kitchen. Incredible beams of light in a quiet setting, captured just for the sake of its simple beauty.

I love the framing and intentional lighting on the girl. Her funny expression made me chuckle, and this is another example of how shooting indoors
certainly doesn’t have to be boring or a limitation! 

And the winner is....

This image stopped me dead in my tracks. I sincerely called it “rad” because this is such a clever capture, using indoor light and shadow to portray the dinosaurs and a glimpse of the kiddo’s personality. I love that images taken indoors don’t have to be dreaded, and that you can be way more intentional and artistic than you might think. This image inspires me to consider different angles and go beyond my “norm” when making images!

 Jenna Dallaire Photography

Jenna Dallaire Photography