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Snap Maven has been going through some changes over the past few weeks. One of those changes has been adding two new Mavenistas to our community. Entering from stage left (because Kate came in from the right) is...

Krystal Weir of Krystal Weir Photography


Hi Krystal here! I am an Army wife and mommy to two little humans. I grew up in Dallas, TX and after graduating from high school I joined the military and served 5 years, that’s when my second chapter of life started and I met my husband. We currently live in Colorado, surrounded by such beautiful landscapes. Since moving here I have grown a love for the outdoors and love to hike! Silly random fact: I have a weakness for cereal, I could literally eat a big bowl of cereal for any meal of the day. So this is my life in a nutshell. 

What sparked your passion for photography?
I think for most of us, my children sparked my passion! I’d been interested in photography as a teen, but didn’t truly pursue or take it seriously until my daughter was born and decided to get my first big girl camera. I became obsessed and the obsession hasn’t stopped. I love photographing my kids daily, but I also love photographing people in general, whether it is portraits, lifestyle, or street!

What’s in your camera bag right now, what do use the most? The least?
I have been using the Sigma 24 Art lens and love it a lot for daily life captures and getting the environment in the story. I’m a sucker for bokeh/background blur so I have the Canon 135 I use mostly for portraits, but I’ll carry it for in the now moments as well, if I’m wanting to compress the background and isolate my subjects.

What is your dream shoot or project?
I actually just photographed my dream shoot! I photographed a maternity session up in the mountains. We stood in freezing cold water and photographed in a stream near Helen Hunt Falls and hiked a couple miles up a mountain to a beautiful overlook! This is so fresh I’ve only edited a few photos from the session. Still on cloud 9 from that day!

What advice would you give to newbie photographers?
It’s okay to admire someone’s style, but don’t beat yourself up if you are not able to achieve it. It takes time and lots of practice to get to where you envision your style and skill. Take your time to really learn about your equipment and technical side of photography. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

What’s your style?
I’m mostly a clean editor; I do like to try different styles of editing. For my personal or lifestyle work, I am really drawn to dark/moody edits. For my client or portrait work, sometimes dark/moody, but most often clean. I know a lot of people who dread the editing process, but I’m the opposite I enjoy it and love to experiment with different looks and that’s how I learn, in a hands on way. I’ve become pretty comfortable with Lightroom and Photoshop because I use it everyday and like seeing what each slider does.

Thank you so much for welcoming me into the community! I’ve been inspired by many of you and I look forward to interacting with everyone and seeing all of your great images each day!

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